Monday, October 26, 2009

Made some strides...

Well, blog - here we are and Seb is 8 months and 2 weeks - how did that happen? He is crawling now - as fast as a formula one car - had 4 teeth with more on the way (OUCH) and is pulling himself up and beginning to cruise (NOT in the George Michael way - thank you).

He is babbling lots and now sleeping with us pretty much all the time... he settles in his bed for MAYBE 2/3 hours on a good night and then will not go longer than 20/30 mins - after getting up a few times every 20 mins we just decided to go with the co-sleeping plan... although our bed is not very big - Seb is a snuggler - he lays with a leg and arm draped over me and if i even try to move he wakes and scoots over and into me again... I am now used to it and enjoy it.. actually the couple of times he actually stayed in his own bed I woke up in horror to not find him there and assumed he had somehow flung himself over one of us and fallen...

Anyhow - we have to be secretive as my mother in law would have a heart attack and originally even i was against it... but Seb has decided where he sleeps on his own.. i have to say this is a more recent development... he always slept well - in his bed by 9 and through til 2.30 - sometimes til 4 - up for a 15 min boobie break and then back to sleep until 6.30 - then this happened...we tried cry it out - we tried soothing - we tried all sorts - and nothing worked... other than snuggling with us... he will nap in his cot during the day, but won't stay there all night. And now he is so big that we don't squish him or anything...he holds his own... and usually he is in the crook of my arm anyhow - so i can't roll and it keeps alex at bay!

He is saying some more words - and he is now doing a little song and dance mum taught him - he LOVES to sing and dance - always has from a few weeks old - but now his shoulders roll, he sways and one of his legs goes with the beat... this is hardly a surprise considering who is parents are... I mean i went a clubbing a couple of times while he was in utero... dancing with a big old belly was odd and created a bizarre swing... i.e. my body following wherever my belly swung... haha...

Marc was here from the UK this month with 2 friends - Mark and David... was lovely to see him as always... I adore my Marcie Marc... and his friends are fab... we had some meals out and i got some quality beach/pool time with them - one day on my own as Mum had Seb - was great to have some me time...

This past Saturday a group of us from work did the making strides breast cancer walk... i started this a few years ago and the group has grown - we got double the $1k we wanted to raise - so it was a good event - we then had a yummy breakfast at the broken egg.... num!

here are some pics:

Sebastian and Skylar - ahh - young love...

showing support for his team tropics:

F - Skylar, Claire, Kelly, Seb, Lorna, Amy and Jamie
B - Joe, Elaine and Joanne

The End:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mommy Magazine Ad - featuring Sebastian

So, Seb will be in an advertisement for Beth's photostudio - Studio B in the November/December issue of Mommy Magazine here in Sarasota... very cool!