Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back at work...

Well, last week marked my first week back at work with out the boy... I had thought about it and tossed and turned over it for days, no weeks... if someone mentioned it or asked when I was coming back I immediately choked up and and teared up. So the day came, we had a run through with Granny Reid the week before and all went well... Sebastian did not bat an eye lid - and he is such an easy, happy baby all went well.

Up in the a.m. and over to Granny's - on the boobs so only one bottle would be required til lunchtime - in the car to the office. Dry eyes mostly - until I glanced in the rear-view and saw his empty car seat base and I blubbed. It had been he and I against the world for 8 weeks - the 2 of us toodling around town from appointments, family homes and to lunch dates... fabulous.

I got to the office and they had decorated my cube with signs and confetti and had tissues at the ready - so that got me a bit sniffly again. I spent the morning being overwhelmed by the amount of work already waiting and fighting the urge to call and see how he was - knowing I would get a call if things were not well...

At 12.30 I dashed out and drove to my Mum's - Seb was fine and hanging with Granny, Tia Jackie and cousin Jamie... I gave him each boob and had a french bread pizza made by Mum and then he and I hit the road. Mai met us as our house and took over and I headed back to work aware that it was so much harder for me than him... he knows his carers and they love him - what more can I ask?

I got home at 5.45 and he was with daddy chilling - we went with Chiron round the park and had dinner, a bath and then went to bed... easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Tuesday is another story - around lunch time I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and by Tuesday night had stomach flu - I stayed home on Wednesday and Mum came round to watch Seb so I could rest. I felt a bit better Thursday a.m. though still had not eaten or kept the cup of soup or crackers in... I left work at 3 on Thursday and then stayed home Friday - what a crazy first week.

Come Saturday Mum was terribly ill with this and Jamie had suffered in the week too - bless him and poor Sarah as he was out both ends poor little mite.

So week 2 came - I got lots of rest this weekend which was lovely (also mastitis in the right boob from switching to more pumping less sucking), but got through that with hot compresses, hot showers, lots of massage and putting Seb on the boob - thanks Flex for all your support and making me stop and get in the hot shower when I needed it!

Seb is spending his mornings this week at Granny Fleener's doc practice - in the back with some of the gang there who are spoiling him rotten - his great granny goes over to help too so he is in his element - plus then I get to pass Starbucks en route back to the office... it is going well and we will be back to Granny Reid's next week when she has had some flu recovery time...

So there we are - back at work - crazy stuff going on and the baby is the most unphased of all... they truly are amazing - everything about them... just watching him process things and know in his head he too can do this... Alex and I were poking our tongues out at him the other night and he watched and then kept moving his mouth in the funniest ways - we just KNEW he was trying to copy... FANTASTIC!

Monday, April 20, 2009

8.5 weeks on

hello again all, sorry to have been absent, but i have not been on computers much... as my mother had a hip replacement 10 days after Sebastian was born i have spent a lot of time there with her... and as she is on dial up i have not used her computer.

my 8 weeks off work were fabulous and i would happily have stayed at home enjoying every moment of his development, but it is not to be. Happily my mum and a venezuelan friend will be splitting the days between them until Mum's hip is stronger in a month or so and can do full days. It is nice as i can get home to feed the baby at lunch and work is being great about me pumping so he can stay on mama's leche...

Sebastian is a lovely, mellow, happy baby - he smiles and laughs and is just a joy... he is awake most of the day with some scattered half hour naps... at around 8 one of us has a bath with him which he loves and then he chills until he gets his last feed around 10 and then he sleeps for around 5 hours... unfortunately after this 3 a.m. feed he does not settle and is up once or twice more - not sure what to do to combat this... will work out i am sure, but as i am back at work today am quite tired as up 3 times a total of 2 hours last night... no more going back to bed until 10 a.m. now.

he is growing like a weed - his doc appointments on Friday showed him as 91st percentile for weight, lenght and head - 13bs 1oz, 23 1/3 inches and 16 inches respectively... the size of a 4 month old... and wearing his 3-6 month clothes already.

the dog and cat have been great and adjusted perfectly to him and act like he is not there - although if someone looks in or goes near him on walks Chiron gets on his hind legs and sticks his head in too to see what they are up to - and when we get home from somewhere and chiron comes out of his kennel he immediately looks in the carrier to check Seb is there and in one piece! :) Cleo just smells him occasionally and then goes about her business.

here are some pics from the last 2 weeks!