Monday, April 20, 2009

8.5 weeks on

hello again all, sorry to have been absent, but i have not been on computers much... as my mother had a hip replacement 10 days after Sebastian was born i have spent a lot of time there with her... and as she is on dial up i have not used her computer.

my 8 weeks off work were fabulous and i would happily have stayed at home enjoying every moment of his development, but it is not to be. Happily my mum and a venezuelan friend will be splitting the days between them until Mum's hip is stronger in a month or so and can do full days. It is nice as i can get home to feed the baby at lunch and work is being great about me pumping so he can stay on mama's leche...

Sebastian is a lovely, mellow, happy baby - he smiles and laughs and is just a joy... he is awake most of the day with some scattered half hour naps... at around 8 one of us has a bath with him which he loves and then he chills until he gets his last feed around 10 and then he sleeps for around 5 hours... unfortunately after this 3 a.m. feed he does not settle and is up once or twice more - not sure what to do to combat this... will work out i am sure, but as i am back at work today am quite tired as up 3 times a total of 2 hours last night... no more going back to bed until 10 a.m. now.

he is growing like a weed - his doc appointments on Friday showed him as 91st percentile for weight, lenght and head - 13bs 1oz, 23 1/3 inches and 16 inches respectively... the size of a 4 month old... and wearing his 3-6 month clothes already.

the dog and cat have been great and adjusted perfectly to him and act like he is not there - although if someone looks in or goes near him on walks Chiron gets on his hind legs and sticks his head in too to see what they are up to - and when we get home from somewhere and chiron comes out of his kennel he immediately looks in the carrier to check Seb is there and in one piece! :) Cleo just smells him occasionally and then goes about her business.

here are some pics from the last 2 weeks!

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  1. You look great!! And he looks SO much like you. Good work, mama!