Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sebastian and family - 13 weeks

Alex girl did some pictures of us at a friend's bbq recently - enjoy - we did - she did a great job and we love her for it.... she had an emergency back op last night so sending her positive vibes today! There are also a couple of pics of Marc's visit here and our lovely great-nephew Jamie for good measure!

Happy boy... but who wouldn't be in their Obama onesie - a pre-birth gift from Alex girl - purchased from a vendor on the fab streets of NYC.

some pics from Marc's surprise visit to meet Sebi (and get beach time! lol)...
and the gorgeous Jamie Bamie!

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  1. Sebastian is such a gorgeous kiddo! He has the yummiest looking cheeks! Congratulations you guys :) We're so happy for you. It looks and sounds like you are really enjoying parenthood...and it only gets better. They are so much fun.