Tuesday, August 11, 2009

25 weeks...

Can you believe it, 25 weeks since I was grunting, swaying and pushing in a hospital room? I can't...

Since i last blogged Sebastian has grown to a whopping 19.6 lbs... his hands are massive and his thighs are fabulous fatties! He is sitting up and only ever wants to sit - or stand... he pulls himself up on us and in his walker without using hands (don't freak we have no stairs and only tile floors) and from his first attempt goes forward, backward and sideways. He he is rolling every which way - has been rolling over since 3 months... but now he throws himself from sitting and rolls over and starts to push onto his knees - or does swimming motions... not long now... and we are still procrastinating the babyproofing... argh. Well unless you count the baby gate across the laundry room... which was in fact to stop the beagle eating the cat poop... so we are ahead on getting the baby to stop eating that too then!

Seb got his 2 bottom teeth - the first one came in about 5 weeks ago and now they are definitely teethy looking and can be seen without prising his lips apart. He has only bitten me nipples once, which isn't bad - but likes to bite our fingers, esp Granny Reid's.

He loves to dance, dance, dance - music makes him sway and jiggle like a mofo bending at the knees and laughing along - yes what else would you expect from the child of one 'who loves a good beat'... and of course Alex is a big techno fan and club lover...

He said Mama last night when I entered a room - very exciting stuff.. he has been saying mam for awhile.. but last night when Alex was giving him his lavender post bath massage on the changing matt, I came in the room and he looked and me and said a definitive Mama... Alex heard it too and exclaimed before I did!

Unfortunately the baby that was sleeping through the night or waking only once for 10 or so minutes has spent the last 2 nights refusing to go to bed... within 10 mins of being laid down the eyes are open and the squinnying starts and he is wide awake again... 2 nights ago i slept for 3 hours on the sofa with him as that was the only place i could get him to settle... then at 3.30 a.m. we finally ventured into the bedroom and climbed into the bed with daddy... i am sure this is a phase... growth spurt, top teeth or something - but god it makes getting up for work a biatch... if only i could stay home and just lay prone on the bed with him sticking his toes in his mouth happily! :)

In other news my mother, Elizabeth, turned 80 last Saturday - 8/8... wow - can't believe it, she is just an amazing woman - still looks fabulous - no makeup other than lippy most of her life and just soap, water and oil of olay (or ulay as it was known in the UK back then)... apart from her bionic hips she is in good health and has Seb for us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - and what a love affair that is!

We also moved up to the world of family wagon car... well it is still smoking... we got ourselves a VW Passat wagon - the SE model... it has very cool features with window blinds built into the doors, trunk that opens and closes itself with the push of a button... and Sirus radio - hello Radio One and Chris Moyles and getting some international music flavour... oh and the good techno and 80s new wave stuff too! Anyhow, we are LOVING our car and i am working on seeing the highest mpg i can get per day - i had it at 96.4 going down tuttle the other day... but it is a turbo - so i do tend to then counteract that by occassionally flooring it just to shock all the others on the road as I FLY past! :)

It is white with black interior and will soon have dark as possible tinted windows... to match my fabulous little focus ZX3 alex now zips about in... I LOVED that car - and do miss the stick... but I enjoy the turbo... and the BEST part... no more 1994 Lexus SC400 sitting in the driveway! Thanks Obama - we LOVE cash for clunkers!

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  1. hey lornadoone!
    this is Gordon, Darlene's hubby.
    Guess what, we have been looking fora way to get in touch with you, but you can't reply to posted comments from our blog. so luckily I found a comment posting for your blog.
    Anyways, Darlene's email is dar5499@yahoo.com.
    And yes, I think we're planning to go to the reunion. Take care, G.
    BTW - cute little one you have yourself ;)