Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 2009

So, here we are in September already - almost at 2010 - almost... where has it gone... it really does go faster as we get older. I remember the summer holidays feeling like an eternity... would they ever end - won't school start already. Now I keep thinking I am going to go to bed on New Year's Day and wake up on New Year's Eve of the following year without knowing what came in between!

We are still muddling through a VERY hot Florida summer, the rain comes and goes - torrential usually, although we did have an odd 28 hours where it drizzled the whole time - made me a bit nostalgic for the UK.

Our main news was taking advantage of the cash for clunkers scheme and trading in Alex's (beloved) Lexus SC400 and getting a new white, VW Passat Wagon... I am so in love with this car. Coming into our relationship I had just aquired my first new car since 1992 - and it was a basic Ford Focus 3 door - I LOVE that car - but I didn't have any bells and whistles... and Alex had his 1994 Lexus - so although it has luxury - for 1994 standards.

Well - cars can do so much now - and the things VW have thought of... the top of the rear doors hide a little compartment containing window blinds that can pull up and cover the window... the car an automatic (boo hiss - Flex would not let me get the 5 speed i wanted) has an autostop button which you can set to default as on. This feature means if you take your foot off the brake at a stop - you will not roll - you will sit until you accelerate.. I LOVE this feature as I get so upset with all the yank drivers constantly lurching forward into the intersections as they wait for green - GRRRR...

We also have 6 months of free sirius radio - I will have to keep this feature... I am listening to my old UK stations so I can keep up on new international music other than Beyonce and Finger11 (who I do like - Finger 11 that is). When I get sick of the UK stuff I can flip to 80s alternative... FAB - or just plain 80s - or reggae for Sebi - or some electronic dance/techno - just to satisfy my craving for a good beat! ; )

Other than that the summer has been about watching the boy grow and evolve.. people ask if I miss having a small baby - and yes in a way - but no in general I enjoy every phase of his existence... watcing him learn and absorb new information... as I make blurby and rolling noises with my tongue seeing him watch intently and then position his tongue like I did and try to imitate the noises I made... to be called mama - and have it be something other than a noise experiment and realize he is referring to me... realized also that as the dog passed by him and he kept saying K, K, K he was trying to say Chiron (pron Kyron) - crazy.. i swear i heard him say hola last week too - lol!

It has been a joy watching him enjoying some chicken, potatoes, fruit and having fun blowing raspberries as we try to shovel it in. I am trying to be the good mama and make all his food homemade from organic produce... I made lots on Saturday and freeze in ice cube trays to go to granny's for the week... so far he gets way too farty artimous on green and cruciferous veg, so we are sticking to carrots, sweet potatoes, plain potatoes and oatmeal... the farts aren't the issue - its that they make him ball up and groan and NOT SLEEP... BAD...

I love snuggling up in bed with his arm draped over me - keeping him there as long as possible before moving him to his own bed... savouring that time.

He is now pulling himself up on things and starting to get on all 4s and rock - both started in the last week - so it will be a race as to which one he masters first - will he walk or crawl first... hilarious - but horror - our house is NOT baby safe... must get that sorted - reality strikes.

Seb adores dancing - just like Mum and Dad - when a song he likes comes on he stops whatever he is doing and sways - sometimes even adding in shoulder rolls... and sometimes sings along - which is more of a wavering keen at this point - but so exciting...

Some of the more challenging aspects have been sleep training - sleep through the night - HA... nap somewhere other than warm arms - HA... we are getting him to stay in his bed about 75% of the time at night now - but he still wakes 2 or so times - as a minimum... and this past weekend he napped in his crib both Saturday and Sunday - YIPPEEEEE!

He started pinching this last week - at 7 months... finger and thumb together - a milestone... yet painful when he likes to do it to me while he breastfeeds - yowza... and yes I do take his hand and firmly say/uhm yell NO - no pussy footing about for me...

We had some photos taken by the same photographer that did our maternity shoot - she is the bomb - Beth McCaa of Studio B - BIG shout out - we went to a park on the water near our house where there are majestic old banyans and the water... here is a preview - just waiting for all of them to be provided... she is using our shots on her website for advertising so we got a big discount... wonderful!


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