Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh yay for Turkey...

Happy thanksgiving eve everyone... we are heading down to Alex's Tia Holly and Tio Jimmy in Fort Myers - we go every year. Alex's parents, Nani and Hap, sis Barb and bro Marc and the cousins with their other halves will all be there - this will be the first time the cousins meet Seb... exciting. Barbie is riding down with us so Seb has some company - as this will be his longest car ride yet!

Mmmmm... i LOVE turkey - got my organic cranberries and making some sauce and cookes and banana bread tonight... fun fun!

Some pics of Sebastian at Halloween, the first one was taken when we finally had some cool weather... I LOVE babies in jeans... and am a cow collector - of interesting ornaments/figurines of cows. So, before Sebastian was even born I got him this cow hoodie and he finally got to wear it.. see it has ears!

Seb in his hand me down costume from Skylar... too cute....

However it was hot on Halloween so he wore the one we got from Carter (son of the Studio B photographer - see side link)... a cute lion... and Jamie wore his Liverpool strip as you saw in pics below.

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