Friday, February 13, 2009

40 weeks and STILL counting...

Here we are, 40 weeks in and still hanging in... had our check up with Dr X yesterday and was 2 cm dilated... but no effacement. Discussed due dates and going over and Dr X is happy to let me go to 42 weeks. He suddenly then had a freak out when he remembered that Dr Doom (a prior - and shortlived partner - in the practice) was on call for them next weekend. He mumbled to himself that he could not let Dr Doom be my doctor if i went into labour - he had gone this far with me - that would not do... he just kept saying to himself... no - not Dr Doom - can't have him... anyhow. He then opted to strip my membrane to see if that got things softening and moving along more quickly... This caused me crawl backwards rapidly up the exam table... phew...

Anyhow - been having some back contractions throughout the early hours and day - but still VERY irregular.

Had acupuncture on Monday and took some blue cohosh which speeds up some people - NOT ME... Teeny is hanging on for dear life in there now... I suppose spending months possibly shooting out early makes that happen... at least Dr Red Baron said that can happen. If Teeny is happy great - but i don't want to end up with Dr Doom either... i have heard the rumours!

Will keep you posted of president day weekend Teeny events!

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