Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Officially overdue...

Okay, now we are officially overdue, according to the first day of period magic wheel and our own calculations based on knowing our sex life! :) So Teeny is hanging on like a stubborn combination of its Mum and Dad...

This is okay in the scheme of things, but at 3.00 a.m. this morning i had a realization that if Teeny does not make an appearance soon - it wlll not get to meet Granny on my side... she is going in for a hip replacement op next week... and will be at a completely different hosptial from me - so not only will she not be with me when all finally happens, she won't even get to meet Teeny for a few days after the birth... also, my sister may have to leave for UK to go and be with my brother in law for personal reasons sometime next week and Flex's grandmother's other half is having a knee operation this week so she will be busy... and his Mom is busy running her practice, so busy anyhow...

I know people live all over the world and have babies alone - but i was blessed by the fact that all of my family are close by - but as Teeny hangs on - life goes on and people will be doing all sorts of other things... and honestly the thought of having a new little Teeny and my Mum and sister possibly not being around breaks my heart just a little!

Saw DR X yesterday - I am now 2 cm and 40% effaced - so we are making our way there slowly, but surely. He is out of town this weekend and still willing to let me go to 42 weeks (next Thursday according to them), but is concerned that I will sprog this weekend when he is away and is wanting to be there as he has been through all the ups and downs of this pregnancy with me...

Come on Teeny - we all are waiting! :) x


  1. Teeny will come! Remember that almost all first born babies are "late." I have no idea why they give us a due date, they should just give us due weeks. You will be fine even if your mom and sis are not there-- you have so many friends in SRQ who will be there to help you too! Poor Lori hasn't even met Josie yet. That said, GET OUT LITTLE FLEENER.

  2. Ah, take words of advice from the new momma above- first babies are usually ten days late. Everyday, there is a better chance of labor coming.

    Focus on the feeling that everything will happen in perfect timing, and do not try to worry about who will be where- doctors/mothers/ sisters included. You will be in the right place at the right time. Babies are smart about how they choose their timing.

    Mine was 17 days overdue, and I was going mad with it, but she would not be who she is if she was not a Valentines day girl, it's so a part of who she is. I wish I had just not worried so hard about it all. Trust the baby, trust that everything will work to your highest good.

    You are going to be in labor soon- its good to practice feeling peaceful and trusting in the middle of stormy circumstances. That trust and inner peace is your best tool for labor and motherhood, so JUST DON"T GO THERE with the worries.

    You will have everything you need in perfect timing, and everyone involved will be right where they need to be at the time, too. And that might not be right by your side. But that may open up new strengths and closeness with A that might not happen if the others are near by. Just trust that whatever will be, it will be right.