Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fully cooked?!

So here i am at 39 weeks... had my appointment today and baby is still head down and zero station - but my cervix is 'a stubborn one' and is still closed up like a clam.... This is not an issue though - Dr X has seen people go from firmly closed to fully dialed in the same day.

If nothing has changed by middle of next week - my 'due date' - then I will go into the Labour and Delivery triage at the hospital to get my amneotic fluid levels checked. If they are good then I can go to 41 weeks - if they are low then I will be induced. I have to say I did not want to be induced if possible as apparently that increases your chances of demanding an epidural by 80% due to the out of control/back to back contractions. But... we'll play it by ear and if it has to be then it has to be.

In other news, today is Flex's birthday - happy birthday honey - my 8 year anniversary at work and Flex's one year anniversary with his job... I will be preparing his favourite meal for dinner - Caesar Salad - which he feels so special when I make for him - and does not realize I see it as a welcome break from cooking... i mean romaine, parmesan, croutons, cardinis and a rotisserie chicken - SWEET...
Flex's parents gave us (cough - HIM) a thermapedic foam mattress topper for his birthday - wow - I wish I had one the WHOLE pregnancy - I can turn from side to side and my hips aren't screaming... if you can't invest in the whole thermapedic foam bed i highly recommend getting the topper... LUSH... and also his sister gave us some organic beechwood sheets for the bed... can you say SOFT... we are in bed heaven! Thanks everyone!
So happy day to everyone!

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