Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sebastian turns ONE!

It happened, a year passed and we made it alive! :) Sebastian turned one on the Friday and I took a day off work to get ready for the party and get my hair all chopped off! It was very long and had not been cut since before Sebastian was born and I went all the way up to my ears - it was TIME!

By Sebastian's first birthday he had all teeth except his molars... had been walking for close to 2 months and was saying quite a few words...

For his first birthday we had a bbq for our family and friends over at Arlington park playground/bbq area. Great as the children could play in the playground and us oldies could eat/visit on the picnic tables. We had lots of help from Nancy and Lisa who came to Sam's with me- helped with food prep, set up and Nancy bbqd! :)

The theme was WonderPets as Sebastian is in love with them and loves that show... Granny Reid got a lovely cake with Sebastian's picture on it as the decoration - FAB!

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