Friday, December 19, 2008

Had the 'specialist' docs this a.m. to do ultrasounds of my high risk pregnancy.. got to see the heart, arms, legs, spine and back of head! Everything is perfect from what they can tell.. the baby was practicing breathing – which is when they gulp the fluid into their lungs and then blow it out – this is something they should be doing at this stage occasionally through the day and getting to see it was pretty cool and a great sign… the baby is head down and in perfect position… she said everything is great and she is releasing me from high risk – I am back on normal pregnancy and don’t need to see her again… she says I should go to term easily and have a normal vaginal delivery and she is just so pleased and also very surprised after all that I went through – it is like a little miracle!

On to the baddies of the pregnancy (boo hiss), the ultrasounds showed the fibroid had gone throuh some degeneration as there were dark areas, so the pain I had in October was from the fibroid breaking up.. but all looks stable now...

The main issue with this is that as it has died and calcified it won’t shrink after the pregnancy like it would have done – so we may have to look at removing it surgically before I get preggo again! We shall deal with all that in time though and once we have this little Teeny Fleener in our arms and for all to see!


  1. "...before I get preggo again!"

    AGAIN?? ;-)

    Glad all is well and that you're on track for a normal delivery! Go you!

  2. well if I get preggo again... if you'd asked me 2 months ago it would have been a resounding hell no - now its a 'let's see' - ha ha! :)