Thursday, December 11, 2008

Okay all, quick update - just had my 31 week visit - got to see Teeny - although not SO teeny anymore... Spoke to the doc about going for vaginal birth... all great to go ahead for that. Its the first time the doc has said yes, we can go for that as our first option... so very excited! Also told him we are having a doula... he was totally cool with that, although he wanted to know who it would be. Apparently he had a patient who was unable to start immedicate breast feeding due to the fact that the baby had complications and was being worked on... so the doula instructed the husband to start suckling. This story being told in a Jamaican accent by a giggling doctor was a bit too much for my Mum I think... ha ha!


  1. Hoo-ray!!!! Birth plans are an all clear, thats such great news!

    I hope it all goes smooth and easy and great for you.

    The sucking thing is too funny, like almost too funny to be true?? Ah, I can only IMAGINe.

  2. I think that if I had just given birth and my husband tried to, ahem, "suckle" me, I'd punch his front teeth out.