Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's to sleep on New Year!

I am convinced the cat and dog are making a concerted effort to prepare us for parenthood - the cat had an upset tummy last night (poor mite), but that meant meowing and going in and out of the cat box as loudly and as often as possible meaning we were awake most of the night with the telly on trying to woo ourselves to sleep... when Flex got up in a paddy and stomped through the house to find her and let her out she hid and would not get up - AGH.

Not to mention Teeny appears to have grown some more and his/her head is lower and for the first time the little devil did not sleep when Mummy slept and tossed and turned all night... meaning I did the same - so our big New Year's plans involve dinner at Flex's Nani's and then home to bed...

I am feeling a bit emotional as this will be the first year in memory where I will not be with my friends either the English or American ones... but life is evolving!

So, to close, have a happy, healthy and safe New Year... may 2009 see the start of many new and exciting things for everyone!

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