Tuesday, January 13, 2009

all the medical stuff...

howdy internet.... 2 things since last time... i didn't gain any weight at my last check up and as baby should gain 1lb a week at this point they are monitoring that... the fact that i weight less preggo than i did before baby is due to the fact that i have only wanted salads and lean protein and things since getting pregnant - my eating habits have changed so much for the better - and i know basically i am losing weight (not trying to - i promise), but baby is gaining - as has been proved by the ultrasounds and uterus measurements. Last week i was 35 weeks along and my uterus measured 36 cm... but if i don't gain weight this week i have to go and have more ultrasounds to make sure the baby is growing... :) So i have been drinking full fat coke - ate a checkers for lunch and trying to eat more fatty stuff than i had been so i can show i can gain weight - how backwards!

tomorrow i go to get a mole in my hair line checked... it has gone funny - it has grown and developed a kind of scaly/scab... nice... fingers crossed its something minor and not the result of too many years in Florida sunbathing and walking dogs in the bright sunshine with no hat...


  1. Ah, don't go eating unhealthy stuff just to gain weight!!! Its normal to not gain when you start with some extra and adjust to healthier patterns. Don't let anyone get freak about this. I did not gain anything from 36 weeks on, either. If baby is growing, and measuremetns alone (never mind the dang U/S) say it is, don't get freaked out. You are gdoing fine!!! And don't ruin your healthy streak now, just when you are going to need all that healthful energy for labor!!! You don't need a checkers grease and sugar hang over going into labor!

    Again, it is TEXTBOOK, published info that if you start pregnancy 'over weight' it is wiht in normal and healthy guidleines to gain only a few pounds or even lose.

  2. Oh, and all that HCG makes moles and skin tags grow, hopefully just a normal one!