Monday, January 5, 2009

Illiteracy and pregnancy tourettes...

As i go back and review my posts i am horrified by my spelling and grammar - bear with me - 2 things i have found during this pregnancy - I cannot type/spell or sting together words... and I swear like a fishwife ALL the time - I even say the 'f' word in front of my mother and Flex's Nani now with regularity... and I was bad before - but in control - NOT anymore... Plus i have not got around to figuring out how to edit a previous post so just leave the crap spelling and grammar in there.... apologies! :)

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  1. I swear like a fishwife all the time and have no excuse. You've got to admit that the f-word really feels good to say when you're mad about something. It's also a very old word in English -- the first documented usages show up in the 1400s, I think. I don't think it was in Chaucer, although god knows he used just about every other raunchy word he could think of.