Monday, January 5, 2009

Lightening speed...

Well, not much has happened other than that thing they call lightening - or the baby dropping. New Years Day (exactly 34 weeks preggo) I suddenly realized I had gone 24 hours without taking a tums antacid... and since I HAD been taking about 4/5 a day to that point I knew something had changed. Also - I suddenly felt as if I was waddling and was carrying a bowling ball twixt the legs... this is a description I have read both on medical websites and have received as Ilsa's description from her communications.

And boy- having a bowling ball between your legs causes all kinds of pain in the nether regions... also the top of my bump appears lower and feels empty now when pushed on... although I still get the occasional knee or foot there, but now in passing as opposed to for 10 hours at a time.

When I told Flex that the baby had dropped his eyes bugged out and he asked if this meant I was in labour - I assured him when I was in labour I would tell him 'I am in labour' and not just say 'oh I think the baby dropped'! However, it did make me think I should pack my case and we should get the car seat installed - just in case.

The baby room is making progress and we have the bassinette, dresser/changing table installed and supplies in place. The clothes and blankets/sheets are all washed and in the closet and a colleague has provided me with a diaper genie... The stroller was purchased and assembled this weekend - so now we just have to get the pack-n-play set up (not urgent) and the car seat in place... Thanks to Ilsa for her great 'real' list of hospital packing needs - she was only in 3 weeks ago so I trust her advice. All the books and websites make it sound like you need to take everything, but the kitchen sink...

In other news - the dog was up throwing up Saturday night and the cat has a UTI so was up mewling all last night - I think the animal pact, aka Operation baby preparation, to get Flex and I ready for sleepless nights has moved into full swing... agh.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve - we had dinner with Flex's family and were in bed by 10.00 p.m. It did feel sad to not be with friends somewhere, but smoky bars and late nights... I am truly passed that at the moment. Now onto waiting for the arrival of Teeny... fast approaching.

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