Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zero station

Well my dear friends – I had the first of my weekly final stage doctor visits today… the first of the cervical exams and all that fun stuff... Anyhow – the baby is at zero station… in place – head in pelvis and facing the rear and all that good stuff – as if I hadn’t known that by the change in discomfort I have experienced and the fact that the butt suddenly appears like a second bump right in the middle of my belly!

Anyhow – he finished ‘the exam’ and sat up and looked at me and said ‘you are one of my 2 miracles and it looks like you’ll have a vaginal delivery – the baby is right in your pelvis’… how bizarre to start out the way it all did and end up going by the book…

Our doula is coming to our place Saturday afternoon to discuss our plan and see our house and work out all the logistics for the big event. Can't believe we are actually at this point.

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